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Graham Langley's storytelling is based on the foundation of education.
Graham became a full-time storyteller in 1990 after having spent 20 years teaching Drama and Theatre in secondary schools. His storytelling was also influenced by his years as a folk singer and working with folk theatre.

Thanks to this, Graham is able to perform for children of all ages at primary and secondary schools in addition to working with family and adult audiences of all kinds. He has performed across the UK and internationally in 13 other countries.

School performances:
Graham's storytelling performances generally last one hour either for one or several classes. Graham will work with you to put together a performance that will suit your schedule and the time available to the children in different classes.
If more than an hour is available, the storytelling session can develop into a full interactive workshop. In this session, the children are guided along different paths of storytelling, storymaking and story performance
"Because Graham has been telling stories this week I've noticed a startling difference in the children's responses. They are all coming out with the most fantastic tales."
- Kim Rockell - New Zealand
Versatile performance:
Graham is able to adjust his repertoire to suit the audience, venue and situation. With an active and lively style, he goes to great length to engage the audience and offer an entertaining and enjoyable experience.
Story walks and tours:
A countryside walk is one of the most enjoyable ways to listen to stories. A story walk is just as it sounds, whether with family groups in parkland or through hills with seasoned walkers. Periodically throughout the walk, the group will stop; taking the time to listen to a story and soak in the atmosphere. Similar activities can take place at museums, galleries, historical sites, etc and may involve the development of stories and art by the participants.


Graham has performed in many venues across the country, including:
  • Clubs
  • Arts Centres
  • Castles
  • Libraries
  • Museums

To arrange a storytelling session, just call Graham Langley Storyteller on
07946 718286

To find out more about storytelling events and performances, visit .

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