Learn to tell stories

If you are interested in learning to tell stories, Graham Langley will be happy to help.

Running training sessions, Graham will be happy to take the time to offer fully immersive workshops. Whether you want to engage with storytelling for your own pleasure or in a professional capacity, Graham will offer support and guidance.

"Graham is one of the most talented, generous and motivated storytellers I have ever met. His respect and passion for stories are captivating. I am very lucky to be part of his group." - Ana Maria Lines, storyteller

Step into Storytelling: Beginners' workshops:
With a group approach Graham allows participants to develop their own use of language to tell the tale. Using a range of drama and visual approaches, these workshops can be adapted for all ages.
Following on from the beginners' workshops, Graham tailors his teaching to the needs of the group. This allows a greater flexibility of story-making, storytelling and the learning of performance skills.
Storytelling Gymnasium:
Storytelling Gymnasium involves regular storytelling training sessions that raises the capacity of performance for storytellers. Designed with regular attendance in mind, it can help you to grow and develop, not just in the creation and telling of stories, but also in the performance that goes with them. Storytelling Gymnasium offers you the ideal opportunity for you to learn how to perform your storytelling with flair, offering an engaging experience for your audience.

How to learn a story:
Many people worry that they will not remember a story believing it is important to learn the words in detail. Follow this slide show to give you a quick and easy way of learning a story ready for you to tell without learning a script. It is quick and easy so you can move on and put your energy into your performance.

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Storyteller Training

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