Storytelling to entertain young and old

Stories are among our oldest possessions, told over and over and handed down from generation to generation.

Graham Langley is a performance storyteller and storytelling event organiser. With a unique flair for imagination and adventure, he brings storytelling to life.

Graham regularly works with schools, libraries and museums. Performing in clubs and festivals, adding a homegrown Birmingham style to each event. As well as performing, and organising storytelling performances, Graham takes pride in training storytellers,  offering advice and guidance to those who look to give stories to others.

The art of the storyteller

Everyone loves stories, whether catching up on recent events or hanging on every word of a finely crafted tale.
The word 'storytelling' applies to many different art forms, films, literature, short cartoons and more. However, the strength of live storytelling is entirely dependent on the presence and power of the individual storyteller, and how they retell the story to listeners.
The art of live storytelling is based in the age-old method of word of mouth. While the story remains, its exact wording and performance will be unique to every single telling. If you want to understand and enjoy the power of a story in its oldest and purest form, then Graham can help you.

Where does Graham offer performances?

Based in Birmingham in the West Midlands, Graham offers his services to the whole of the United Kingdom as well as abroad.
All you need to do is ask and Graham will be happy to arrange a storytelling session at your venue.
If you want to know more about Graham and the world of storytelling, visit .
Perfromance storytelling

Find out more about organising a storytelling event by calling Graham Langley Storyteller in
07946 718286

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